What do we clean?


The answer to this question should be, “What do we not clean?”

While it’s true that we don’t clean large stadiums or concert halls, there’s very little that we don’t do. If you do have a large stadium or concert hall you need to be cleaned, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Of course, the more space there is and the longer it takes, the more it may cost you. But the beautiful and impeccable results you will get from our services will make it all worth your money.

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We can handle the following types of cleaning environments:


Our residential cleaning services focus on making your residence looking its very best. We treat everyone’s home as their castle. It should be a nice, beautiful, tranquil place to come home to at night. We keep that vision in mind as we work on your home and make it look pleasing. Even your mother-in-law would be impressed when we get through!

Residential Cleaning


We also do commercial properties including high-rise office buildings, large retail buildings, and other types of industrial properties. We know you need your commercial properties to look attractive to potential clients and others who come through your business each day. The way your office looks says a lot about you. We strive to create the kind of pristine environment that you envision for your commercial property.

Office cleaning


Housekeeping chores are no fun. That’s why so many people hire professional cleaning services so that they don’t have to bother with these menial tasks. When you use our Boston Maids service to do it for you, you get better results and then you can get back to your more important business.

A house cleaner supply kit sitting on a countertop

Move In Cleaning

Inside Window Cleaning

Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Load(s) of Laundry

Move Out Cleaning

Inside The Oven Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Inside The Fridge

Sweep Garage/Basement (must be empty)

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