House Cleaning Services


It’s important to know who to call no matter what job it is that you need to be done. If you need a doctor, you have a number for that. If you need tree pruning, you know who to send a text to. If cleaning and tidying up is what you need, you need the professional cleaning services of Boston Maids. At, we can help with any post construction cleaning job you have and no job is too big for us. If you have the time to let us come in and work on it, we have the skills to complete the job!

We are your solution for the best house cleaning company in the Boston area, and we prove it with every job we do. Take a look around our site to read more about our services and take down our contact information so you can call us when you need professional cleaning services.

Below, we get into the details of some of the specific types of services we offer. If you don’t see your cleaning need in this list, contact us, and we’ll see how we can help!

Types of Cleanings We Offer

Added Cleaning Services 

Carpet Vacuum and Floor Cleaning

  • Carpet and Floor Cleaning- is a job that not all cleaning services companies do. But if it’s a clean floor you need, we can deliver. We can cover your entire house or just one room to make it look new again.

Laundry Services

  • Laundry Services- If you need laundry services, and have the equipment, keeping your clothes pressed and in tip-top shape is one of many chores we can help with.

Window Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning- You’ll never hear us say, “We don’t do windows.” Let us spruce us your windows and mirrors in every corner of your home to make them sparkle!

Trash Removal

  • Trash Removal- Trash removal is important not just at a construction site, but all over your home on a weekly and daily basis. Unsightly trash left in the open detracts from the beauty of your home. We can help.

Outdoor Furniture

  • Outdoor Furniture- If you need your outdoor furniture cleaned up, just ask. We know that you want your patio or lawn furniture to look good for those summer outdoor Barbeques and activities.

Appliance Deep Clean Available

  • Appliance Deep Clean- Sometimes appliances get dirty from everyday use. They are also a dangerous location in your kitchen and laundry room because they attract mold and mildew as well as other germs and unseen bacteria. We can keep them looking nice and functional at ultimate capacity.